Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 77

Letter to Mr John W Thomas from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  Thank you for your letter of 19 October in answer to my letter of 19 September regarding appeals for Party funds.

  I am afraid that I must pursue the matter further as your letter of 19 October does not provide the information I am seeking. My purpose in writing to you as Secretary of Leicester East Constituency Labour Party was to ask you whether, having checked the official minutes, you are aware of any appeal for funding which requested serving councillors in the constituency to give a percentage of their allowances, whether on a regular basis, or not, for any purpose.

  You chose to answer my question as though it referred to only to you personally, whereas item 1 in my letter of 13 July referred to any knowledge you might have of any such appeal or fund raising scheme—not necessarily initiated or run by yourself.

  As you know, I first approached you for information on this subject on 13 July so the matter has been outstanding now for over three months. In fairness to Mr Vaz I wish to bring my inquiry to a conclusion as soon as possible. I therefore must have an answer as a matter of urgency to all the questions listed in my letter of 19 September, a copy of which I attach for your convenience.

  I would be grateful for a response by 30 October.

25 October 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001