Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 82

Letter to Councillor Mustafa Kamal from Mr Colin Hall, Chairman, Leicester East Constituency Labour Party

  I am in receipt of a copy of a letter dated 17 April 2000 signed by yourself, to a "Ms Filkin." I understand that this is Mrs Elizabeth Filkin, who is the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner and therefore responsible for investigating the conduct of Members of Parliament.

  The letter contains a number of serious allegations relating not only to Keith Vaz MP, but also to the Leicester East CLP and certain officers of that body, both past and present. As the current Secretary, John Thomas is a subject of these allegations, it has been agreed that I, as the CLP Chair, should respond to this matter on the CLP's behalf.

  First of all, I must say I am disappointed that you have chosen to bring the matters to the attention of a third party, rather than seek to raise them within the channels of the Party. As far as I am aware, Mrs Filkin has no responsibility for Labour Party organisation and therefore no powers to act on many of the matters raised in the letter to her. In any event, many of the statements contained in the letter are either factually incorrect or would require the support of substantial documentary evidence in order to warrant further investigation.

  In addition, as you are well aware, the CLP and many of its members have been the subject of a number of unpleasant and damaging smear campaigns, from various sources, in recent years. The CLP has always condemned these campaigns in the strongest terms and will continue to press for stringent action against those provide to have engaged in such conduct.

  I would therefore be grateful if you could produce, within seven days of receiving this letter, either detailed evidence in support of the serious allegations contained in the letter, or a written statement disassociating yourself entirely from them.

  I must advise that unless you respond along these lines, the CLP will consider ways of taking the matter further, including possible legal and disciplinary action against yourself.

8 May 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001