Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 83

Letter to Mr Colin Hall, Chairman, Leicester East Constituency Labour Party, from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  Mr M Kamal has informed me that you have written to him saying that you are in receipt of a copy of his letter to me of 17 April 2000. Would you kindly let me know from whom you received it. I assume you did not receive it anonymously as you would not have written to Mr Kamal in the terms you did had this been the case. However, I would be grateful for the details and if there is any question about the identity of the sender I would be pleased to receive the copy you received with its envelope.

  For the sake of completeness I should point out that the House of Commons has conferred upon the Select Committee on Standards and Privileges by Standing Order the power to send for persons, papers and records, and the Committee reserves the right to use those powers in furtherance of its own inquires or the Commissioner's if it should prove necessary to do so. In addition, evidence supplied for the purposes of this inquiry, and any related correspondence, is covered by Parliamentary privilege and remains confidential unless and until it is published by the Committee on Standards and Privileges to whom I shall report. If such evidence or correspondence were published or divulged to a third party without the express authority of the Select Committee, that would be likely to constitute a contempt of the House. Any attempt to obstruct my inquiry by any means could also be treated as a contempt.

17 May 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001