Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 93

Letter to Mrs Marilyn A Hall JP from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  You may be aware that I am engaged in an investigation into allegations that Mr Vaz received donations which he omitted to enter in the Register of Members Interests.

  Mr Alan Gratix has provided me with information about donations which were made to a premises fund from 1995. Mr Gratrix tells me that you were the treasurer of the constituency party during the period and would have been responsible for the accounts of the Premises Fund. (It may be this was the 50/100/200 Club account).

  In order that I may decide whether any or some of these allegations are supported by any evidenced, please would you let me know the following:

    1.  The reason why the Premises Fund was established? (If so was it the same fund as the 50/100/100 Club, please let me know).

    2.  The dates during which it operated?

    3.  The purposes on which the money was to be spent?

    4.  The names and dates of the donors to the fund or funds?

    5.  The dates, if any, on which Mr B Attwal made donations to the Premises Fund or the 50/100/200 Club and if so the amounts he donated?

    6.  The name and numbers of the bank a count into which any donations of these funds were paid and the dates the bank account were operational.

    7.  Who were the signatories to the accounts?

    8.  Details of expenditure from these accounts from 1995 onwards. (Please provide copies of the accounts to support this information)

  I am sorry to have to bother you for this information and if you would prefer to speak to me about the matter in the first instance do not hesitate to telephone me.

6 November 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001