Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 94

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mrs Marilyn A Hall JP

  Thank you for your letter of 6 November 2000, headed "Keith Vaz MP".

  I cannot recall the exact period during which I held the post of Treasurer of Leicester East Constituency Labour Party (CLP), and whether this period included the year 1995. However, I do remember the CLP's Premises Fund, to which you refer in questions one and three of your letter. This was set up to finance the expenses of the CLP Office, which included such things as telephone bills, officers' travel costs, stationery, postage, and photocopier running costs.

  The 50 Club ( the figure refers to a maximum membership of 50, though this figure was never actually reached) involved regular contributions to a monthly prize draw which was made at CLP meetings. Profits from this went into the Premises Fund described in the above paragraph. Those taking part in the draw paid a sum of £5 per month, either by cash or by standing order to the CLP's Premises Fund.

  A list was maintained of 50 Club members, together with records of contributions were maintained, in order to determine the amount of prize money payable in any particular draw, and those eligible to receive winnings from such draws. Although I was responsible for keeping these records during my time as CLP Treasurer, I cannot recall exact dates as to when the 50 Club started or finished, nor can I recollect the full list of members taking part. In particular, I am unable to provide information concerning the involvement of Mr B Attwal or the amounts which he may have contributed to the 50 Club.

  The bank details into which funds were paid would have been passed on to my successor as CLP Treasurer. They are no longer in my possession. During my period of office the signatories to the CLP accounts would have been myself, Mr A Gratrix (the CLP Chair) Mr J Thomas (the CLP Secretary).

  Finally, I regret that expenditure details and documentation that you request in your question eight of your letter are also no longer in my possession. As it is now some time since I held this post, I did not see fit to retain associated paperwork.

  I hope this information is of assistance to you.

27 November 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001