Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 97

Letter to Mrs Patricia M Stuttard from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  You may be aware that I am currently investigating allegations that Mr Keith Vaz failed to enter, in the Register of Interests of Members of Parliament, donations and other payments which have been made to him as a Member of Parliament.

  I understand that you may be able to assist my inquiry and I would be grateful if you would let me have the following information.

    1.  Have you ever made payments, donations or provided other support for Mr Vaz as a Member of Parliament? If so please would you give me dates, details of the amounts provided and let me know the purpose.

    2.  Have you ever attended a meeting/s where Mr Vaz has sought donations? If so, did he seek support for himself as a Member of Parliament or for some other purpose? Please give details.

    3.  I understand that at one time you had responsibility for auditing the accounts of the Leicester East Constituency party or some other responsibility in respect of the account. I have been informed that at one time you refused to clear the accounts. Is that correct? If so, please would you let me have details of what occurred and the dates involved.

    4.  Do you have any other information which might assist my enquiry?

  You may prefer to discuss these matters in person or on the telephone in the first instance. If so please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a time convenient to you.

5 July 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001