Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 107

File note by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards


  Ms Ward came to see me to give me further information about the inquiry of which she had been a part into the Leicester Labour Party. She told me she had discussed the matter on two occasions with Robert Sheldon and was now clear what she should provide to me. She understood that she was not required to provide to me matters which concerned the Labour Party only but that she should provide to me anything which related to the complaints I was investigating about Mr Vaz. I confirmed to her that this was what I required and that I was not wishing to have information about the operation of the Labour Party.

  Ms Ward told me that she had been through the records that she had, provided me with a copy of her hand written notes and the evidence which had been submitted to her. However, when she checked it she felt a lot of it was hearsay rather than direct evidence and she had been given the impression that numbers of their witnesses felt that the people concerned would not be comfortable in coming forward to give evidence themselves.

  We photocopied all the papers she brought with her and returned hers to her.

  She had also brought with her a note of an itinerary of a visit to India that Mr Vaz had made on 24 February 1992. I said that if I needed the itinerary because of allegations of non-registration of benefits I would contact her but at the moment I did not see that I required it.

  I thanked her for her help.

8 May 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001