Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 111

E-mail to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Councillor Mustafa Kamal

  Thank you for your letter of 4 May. I have the following comments to make.

  I have never said to you in my letter of 17 April that Mr Clair made any financial donations to Mr Vaz, what however, I did say was that he was, in his own words instrumental to raise a substantial money for him. I am sure you must have noticed from Mr Vaz's response that he does not deny that. What he says and I quote "Sikh business community a rather vague term did not donate any money to his Election Campaign, this sentence has a covert implication, why the question can not be if he received any money at all".

  Mr Vaz response paragraph 4.

  I never stayed at 146 Uppingham Road in my entire life. The period he is referring to is long before he bought 146 Uppingham Road. He blatantly lies to you when he states that I assaulted my wife prior to staying in the said premises, in doing so he commits an act which clearly is a contempt of House of Parliament. I would have thought that Perjury to such a body must carry some kind of Penalty. I and my wife, separately or together are prepared to appear in a court of law to answer these preposterous allegations. It is difficult to envisage such behaviour from any individual, but from a prominent government Minister, I am lost for words.

  Lastly, I am putting on record as advised by you in our telephone conversation on 5 May that it will not come to me as a surprise (I speak from experience) if some form of harm comes to me, my family or property. In such an event I shall not hesitate to contact you and hope that you shall take appropriate action.

11 May 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001