Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 10

E-mail to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mr Paul Gosling

  Thank you for this morning's conversation and your reassurances that any information I provide to you is covered by parliamentary privilege, providing it is not published by me elsewhere.

  I am now writing to provide you, as best I can, the further information you requested. I will separately fax you a briefing that I supplied in 1994 to The Independent regarding Keith Vaz's financial circumstances. Part of this relates, again, to Control Securities. You will note that other elements relate to allegations of donations made to him that were not apparently recorded in his declarations of interest. I believe The Independent decided not to proceed with their enquiries on these matters. Although I do not now know where my notebooks are from that time I can give you my word that the briefing I prepared was an accurate summary of my investigations at that time.

  Regarding the second matter, I cannot now find my handwritten notes on the Labour Party's accounts for the year that I audited them and declined to approve them as a correct record. I believe that my notes may have been submitted to the Labour Party's internal inquiry. It is possible that my co-auditor, Mrs Pat Stuttard (of Humberstone Drive, Leicester), may have a copy and may be in a position to confirm my recollections.

  We declined to approve the accounts as we did not have full access to the accounts. In particular, we did not have access to the membership records which would verify the main sources of income and we were therefore not in a position to confirm how party income was obtained. I believe—though cannot be certain—that we also did not see the paying-in books showing sources of income. I cannot be definite which year this would have related to but was probably around 1990.

  I hope this is of some assistance.

3 July 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001