Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report


Statutory Declaration by Mr Jaffer Kapasi OBE DL MKD

  I Jaffer Kapasi of * * * * will say as follows:

  1.  I have re-read my statutory declaration declared 25 May 2000. I reiterate and confirm the contents of it.

  2.  Various statements have been made, some of which are set out in a letter dated 11 July 2000 from Elizabeth Filkin to my solicitor Mr Mark Stephens, regarding alleged payments and/or requests for payment from me to the MP Keith Vaz. I wish to declare, once again on oath, that I have never made payments of any kind to Mr Keith Vaz MP nor has he ever asked me to do so, save for the donation of £52 to the Sahara Trust as I set out in my first statutory declaration.

  3.  I confirm that the contents of this statement are true.

  Declared this 21 day of July 2000. At 10 New Street, Leicester LE1 5ND before me D F Conn a Commissioner duly authorised to administer Oaths.

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Prepared 16 March 2001