Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 170

Letter to Mr Bakshish S Attwal MBE, B S Attwall & Co Ltd, from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

  Further to my letter of 4 November, I have received the records to which Mr Gratrix referred. I enclose a copy of Mr Gratrix's letter to you thanking you for the donations in question and for becoming the patron of the 50 Club. Mr Gratrix has also provided me with a record which shows he deposited the donation*. I understand that Mr Gratrix was the Constituency Chairman.

  Perhaps you would check your records and let me know if this information has allowed you to identify this donation. If so it would be helpful to receive a copy of the relevant cheque stub or bank statement.

  I would also be grateful if you would let me have any information of which you are aware, concerning the premises fund or the 50 Club. (It may be that one fund was referred to by these two titles and that it was the same fund.) In particular would you let me know:

    1.  How long the fund/club operated?

    2.  Whether you were a patron throughout?

    3.  On what the funds were spent?

    4.  Who authorised the expenditure from these funds?

    5.  Whether you made any other donation to this fund/club and if so give me the details?

  May I apologise again for needing to bother you for this information and thank you for your assistance.

8 November 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001