Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 179

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mr Z Pala

  Your letter of 24 May 2000 asks information about this company and Shree Keith Vaz MP for Leicester East. My company did not give him a car either for his use or for the election campaign. I am sure that members of my staff voted for him on election day as he has been helpful to the community. This shop is in the area of Mrs Patricia Hewitt MP for Leicester West and we have displayed her posters in our windows at no cost to her during her election campaign in 1997. Our home is in the area of Shree Jim Marshall MP for South Leicester.

  This company has not given her a car. Again members of staff I am sure voted for her. There are no company cars to give in this way to any politicians. We have not given cash or anything else to any politicians in Leicester including Shree Keith Vaz MP or Mrs Hewitt MP who we both respect and admire. If I have problems we will refer to them the normal way.

  I would like to know who is providing you with this information about us which is not true. Please note for your files that my address is on * * * * and not * * * * as you say in your letter but your letter has now reached me.

Received 9 June 2000

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