Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 187

E-mail to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mr M H Asmal

  Thank you for your letter dated 7 September 2000 regarding the allegations against Mr Keith Vaz MP.

  In the short time I knew Mr Vaz, I had been told by members of the business community that he did accept payments especially when it came to his election expenses and that his mother would approach business people for these payments. But I have never seen him take any payments in my presence. However, I have seen his mother ask a person to pay off Mr Vaz's telephone bill, but I can not remember who this person was, as it was six or seven years ago.

  Regarding the tape recording, I have no knowledge of any tape recording regarding Mr Vaz and Mrs Vaz. However, when Dispatches a TV documentary programme were looking at irregularities in the Labour Party, they too asked me the same question and I told them that if I had made any tape recording, would I have released it with my voice on it?

5 October 2000

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Prepared 16 March 2001