Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report

Annex 3

Letter to Ms Maria Fernandes fromthe Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards


Thank you for your letter of 18th January 2001.

May I first apologise for the oversight in omitting "Confidential" from the envelope of my letter to you.

I am grateful to you for the information you have provided. I am afraid I do still need answers to questions to which you have provided no reply, namely:

    "1.  What was the purpose of the company when it was established and has the purpose changed in any way since that date?

    2.  I understand that money related to Mr. Vaz's calendars was processed through the company. Please would you provide me with extracts from the audited records which shows these transactions, including details of who provided those contributions and the payments made from them.

    5.  It may be that some of the material published by the company includes Mr. Vaz's name, if so, please would you list such publications and provide me with details.

    6.  Please would you provide me with copies of the full audited accounts for each of the years the company has been in operation with the underlying records which show all the payments into and out of the company, since it was set up."

I would be grateful to receive these details to allow me to provide accurate and confirmed information to the Standards and Privileges Committee.

I will of course draw your request about the confidentiality of your letter to the Standards and Privileges Committee. I can assure you that they never publish personal addresses unless absolutely necessary to the content of an inquiry.

I was most concerned to hear what the reporter from the Observer had said to you. I cannot guess why he gave you this account, but I can tell you it is inaccurate. The facts are as follows.

The reporter in question telephoned me following a telephone conversation with you. He said you had informed him of my inquiry in response to questions he had put to you about your company, Mapesbury. I, of course, refused to confirm or deny whether I was making any such inquiry or to give him any information about any of the matters which I was reviewing.

22 January 2001

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Prepared 16 March 2001