Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fourth Report

Annex G

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from The Lord Coe OBE

Thank you for seeing me and my colleague, Tina Stowell, on Monday morning. Further to that meeting, Tina Stowell has been in touch with all the organisations that made donations to the William Hague Charitable Trust in lieu of speaking or article fees and has received confirmation that no cheque was indeed cashed.

Please find enclosed a list of the payments received, together with confirmation from the organisations concerned that no cheques were cashed.

As I explained at our meeting, it was decided around July of last year that attempts to establish the Trust would cease as it was proving too complicated for the sums involved. Since then, Mr Hague has reverted to his original practice of requesting any fee to be paid to charities and good causes of his choice (the list enclosed details these payments also). Clearly, we should have amended Mr Hague's entry to reflect this at that time and I am sorry that this did not occur until later.

I hope you will agree that this issue has now been resolved satisfactorily.

13 February 2001

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Prepared 21 March 2001