Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Sixth Report

Annex B

Letter to Councillor John Anderson
from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Thank you for your e-mail of 6 February 2001.

My responsibility is to look into complaints concerning Members of Parliament in their role as a Member of Parliament. My remit does not extend to looking into a Member of Parliament's actions in the role of local councillor.

I see that you have also raised matters with the Chief Executive of Larne Borough Council, the Chief Local Government Auditor (N1) and Customs and Excise who are the appropriate authorities to look into several of the matters which relate to the local council.

Turning to Mr Beggs' alleged actions in his role as a Member of Parliament I would be grateful if you would provide me with any evidence which supports the following statements that Mr Beggs has not registered;

—   a landfill site at Ballyrickard Road, Larne

—   income he receives from this site

—   undeclared property interests which may be in the Inver area of Larne

If you will let me have this information I will decide whether I should investigate these matters.

In addition, if you have evidence concerning any other matters which you feel you should bring to my attention, you should let me have it.

I enclose a leaflet about the complaints process for you information. The Code of Conduct and Rules can be found at under House of Commons Home Page. Once there, go to the House Publications and click on the Index-icon, then click on C and go to Code of Conduct and Rules, alternatively, you can go to

I would be grateful for a signed copy of your e-mail of 6 February 2001, which I require before I may commence an investigation. I am e-mailing this reply to you and will send the hard copy by post.

7 February 2001

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Prepared 29 March 2001