Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Sixth Report

Annex E

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

from Mr Roy Beggs MP

Reference to your letter of 12/2/2001.

(1)  I wish to confirm that I own land at Ballyrickard Road, Larne.

(2)  The land was acquired on 30/12/1984.

(3)  I personally incurred all expenses relative to planning approval in respect of the landfill site.

I have never received and do not expect to receive income from the site. I have not and no member of my family has received cash or benefit in lieu of payment for the use of the site by the registered agent/deliverer of waste to the site who deals with all landfill Tax matters related to the site.

(4)  I am unaware of any interests which require registration.

I am a part owner of land and property at Inver, Bleachers, Dyers, Finishers, Inver Road, Larne, with a Mr Thomas Topping since 1989. I contributed £20,000 a small part of the purchase price and have received no payment or benefit of any kind, nor has Mr Topping since purchase.

In the event that the situation changes and I am still a Member of Parliament with income from either the landfill site or the Inver factory site, I will be pleased to notify your office.

23 February 2001

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Prepared 29 March 2001