Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Sixth Report

Annex H

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

from Mr David Gordon

Further to our telephone conversation of 28/2/01, please find enclosed:

1)  Signed hard copies of the two e-mails, with dates suitably amended, plus text-only of the same messages.

2)  Newspapers cuttings:

  • Larne/East Antrim Gazette ("I will be vindicated", 21/02/01)[1] in which Mr Beggs confirms ownership of the land;
  • Newtownabbey/Larne Times ("Pollution fears at Beggs' dump", 22/2/01)1 in which Customs and Excise confirms that landfill licence holders, such as Mr Beggs, are legally responsible for landfill tax payments;
  • News Letter ("MP at ease in Commons dump probe", 23/2/01),1 one of a number of articles in which the MP states his "case for the defence";

3)  Documentation supplied by Mr Leslie Hood, who lived beside Mr Beggs' Ballyrickard Road landfill site for a number of years:

  • Map of the dump site, relating to the MP's successful 1989 planning application for the infilling agricultural improvement scheme.1
  • Letter from the planning service confirming permission had been granted for a farm bungalow development on land beside Mr Hood's home. This was issued some months before Mr Beggs became landowner.

As I stated in my initial e-mail, I am a senior reporter with the Newtownabbey Times and have reported in detail on the landfill affair.

I am, of course, writing in a personal capacity.

I would appreciate it if confidentiality could be maintained, if possible.

1 March 2001


Letter to Mr Leslie Hood and Mrs M Hood

from Divisional Planning Officer, Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland


With reference to your letter dated 22:6:83 regarding the above I would advise you that after due consideration the Department has decided to grant planning permission to this development.

In arriving at this decision the Department took into account your objection to the proposed development but decided that on planning grounds it was not appropriate to refuse permission.

The Decision Notice and plans relating to this application can be inspected at the above office during normal working hours.

12 January 1984

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Prepared 29 March 2001