Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Sixth Report

Annex M

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

from Mr M Crum, Director of Environmental Services, Larne Borough Council


Thank you for your letter of 28 February 2001 regarding the above. I understand Mr McGarry has spoken to you as requested and has asked me to forward the following response to the queries which you have raised:—

Ballyrickard Road landfill site

  • Larne Borough Council granted a licence to Mr J R Beggs on 15 April 1994.

  • Mr Begg's agent Mr McKee agreed to allow the Council to tip on the site from March 2000.

  • Investigations carried out by Council EHO's established that Council tipped some material contrary to the landfill licence conditions.

  • When the tipping of unauthorised material was drawn to the attention of the Council EHO the matter was dealt with expeditiously and unauthorised material has now been removed. The Department of the Environment and Heritage Service is monitoring the effectiveness of the remediation of the site by a regime of watercourse sampling.

  • The Council Technical Services Manager entered into an agreement with the site operator Mr D J McKee in March 2000. The agreement followed a communication from the Council Director of Amenity Services to Mr McKee confirming that his firm, D J McKee and Sons, could utilise the site to dispose of inert waste arising from any contract which that firm carried out on behalf of Larne Borough Council.

  • The amount paid was £2.50 per tonne plus £2.00 landfill tax.

  • Councillor John Anderson who is a member of Larne Borough Council reported the unauthorised tipping.

  • The action to re-sort and remove the material was co-ordinated under the instruction of the Council EHOs.

  • Removal of seaweed and wood from the site and all excavator, tractor and dump trailer machine costs are being paid for by the site agent Mr D J McKee. Ongoing cost of waterway sampling analysis under monitoring organised by the Department of the Environment is being met by the site operator D J McKee.

  • Unauthorised material inputted by Council included street sweepings which largely comprises detritus and litter. Two Council employees were engaged for one day to litter pick this type of material. A mechanical separator was utilised to sieve this detritus and other mixed waste. The mechanical separator was sourced by the Council EHO and Technical Service manager and engaged on a demonstration basis. Council is meeting the transport cost of bringing the separator to and from the site. Non inert material originating from Council input was transported and disposed of at Council expense at a landfill site licensed for that purpose.

  • The Department of the Environment Planning Service granted planning permission for the site 28 March 1990. Water Act consent was granted by the Department of the Environment Water Service 15 February 1994.

Bleachers, Dyers, Finishers Inver Road Larne

The grant of planning permission in Northern Ireland is a central government function administered by the Department of Environment Planning Service. We have contacted the local Planning Service office to obtain this information and I will forward this to you when it is received.

Council has at this point and time no other information concerning property in which Mr Beggs has a financial interest.

7 March 2001

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Prepared 29 March 2001