Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report

Mr Robinson's Initial Response to the Complaint

7.  In a letter to me dated 23 March 2001 (Annex B), giving his response to the complaint, Mr Robinson said:

    "Let me say once again that I have never sought nor received any payment for my position as chairman of Hollis. This is the complaint made against me and I am absolutely categoric on my position."

This statement was consistent with what Mr Robinson had said in his book An Unconventional Minister, published in 2000.

    "For period of my non-executive chairmanship of Hollis Industries, including the management buyout, I neither requested nor received any compensation as non-executive Chairman, nor was any payment made to me, despite an erroneous entry in the 1988/89 accounts showing the chairman, myself, receiving £200,000—a mystery to which I shall return after making three further points that underline the limited nature of my involvement with Maxwell."

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Prepared 4 May 2001