Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report

Background to the Complaint

8.    The principal companies which are relevant to the complaint, and their relationship to each other, are as follows:
Transfer Technology Ltd engineering company started by Mr Robinson in 1981
Transfer Technology Group plc (TransTec plc)
the name adopted by Central and Sheerwood plc after acquiring Transfer Technology Ltd from Mr Robinson and certain other engineering companies connected with Mr Robert Maxwell. Mr Robinson was the largest single shareholder and became chairman and chief executive of the new group.
Central and Sheerwoodpurchased Transfer Technology Ltd from Mr Robinson in May 1991; subsequently re-named Transfer Technology Group plc. Mr Robinson was an executive director from 1987.
Hollis Industries plca subsidiary of Pergamon Group plc (controlled by Robert Maxwell); Mr Robinson was the chairman from 1988 to 1990. From January 1990 he was also the chief executive.
A M Lock[9] subsidiary of Hollis Industries, to which Mr Robinson (or Transfer Technology Ltd) provided management support
Lock Internationalthe USA arm of A M Lock
Hollis plcchanged its name to Pergamon Professional and Financial Services plc in July 1988 and to Pergamon AGB plc in October 1988
Roll Centrecompany based in Indiana, USA, in which Mr Robinson had a material interest from February 1988 until its sale in January 1992 to Transfer Technology Group plc.

9  At various points in the evidence "A M Lock", "Lock International" and "Lock" are used interchangeably. Back

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