Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report

Information and assistance provided to my inquiry

27.  In the event much of the documentation I wished to see was provided to me by Mr Robinson, through his solicitor, as part of his submission to my inquiry. I was able to obtain the remaining information from the sources suggested by the DTI, including Arthur Andersen, the administrators of TransTec plc, formerly Central and Sheerwood plc; and PricewaterhouseCoopers , the auditors of Transfer Technology Ltd.

28.  I wish to express my thanks to the DTI for its co-operation and assistance, despite the statutory constraints, in enabling me to obtain from other sources the documents I required for my investigation.

29.  I should also record that I have received full co-operation both from Mr Robinson and from his solicitor, Mr Bernard O'Sullivan. Indeed, in addition to responding to specific requests for information, Mr Robinson has, both in this inquiry and that carried out by my predecessor, volunteered documents not all of which might have been thought to support his case.

30.  During the course of my investigation I interviewed the following people[24], some of whom also provided me with written evidence:
Mr Geoffrey Robinson MP (accompanied by his solicitor, Mr Bernard O'Sullivan)
Mrs Shirley Caddock(former personal secretary to Mr Michael Stoney, previously director of finance of Hollis Industries plc)
Mr Michael Stoney(former director of finance of Hollis Industries plc)
Mr Roger Davis(former financial controller and finance director of Transfer Technology Ltd).
Dr Sami Ahmed(former managing director of Transfer Technology Ltd)

31.  The following have supplied me with information and assistance:
Arthur Andersen(administrators of TransTec plc, formerly Central and Sheerwood plc)
PricewaterhouseCoopers(auditors of Transfer Technology Ltd)
National Westminster Bank plc
The Department of Trade and Industry
Mr Hugh Aldous and
Ms Jeannie Okikiolu(Robson Rhodes, accountants)
Mr Tom Bower(author, The Paymaster)
Mr Kevin Maxwell(chairman, Telemond Network)
His Honour Judge Jeremy Roberts(as Mr Jeremy Roberts QC, legal adviser to Mr Robinson during the DTI inquiry into Hollis Industries plc)
Mr Bernard O'Sullivan(solicitor to Mr Robinson)

24  For a complete list of the persons referred to in this memorandum, see Appendix. Back

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Prepared 4 May 2001