Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report

Annex SS

Affidavit of Dr Mohamed Sami Ahmed


I, DR MOHAMED SAMI AHMED, of * * * MAKE OATH AND SAY as follows: —

1.  I joined Transfer Technology Limited in 1982. I became Managing Director in 1988. In May 1991 I became a main board Director of what is now TransTec Plc and Managing Director of one of its divisions. I left TransTec in 1994.

2.  During the course of 1990 Transfer Technology Limited carried out certain work for Lock International Plc which at that time was a company ultimately beneficially owned by Maxwell interests. It was proposed that Transfer Technology Limited receive a management fee of £200,000 in respect of this work (the "Management Fee"). In May 1991 the business of Transfer Technology Limited and Lock International Plc were combined into the business which is now known as TransTec Plc.

3.  I have been asked to swear this Affidavit to set out my recollection as to whether or not Transfer Technology Limited or any associated companies received the Management Fee. To the extent that matters to which I refer to in this Affidavit are within my own knowledge they are true.

4.  To the best of my knowledge, information and belief neither Transfer Technology Limited or any associated companies ever received the Management Fee. Equally I am unaware that Geoffrey Robinson ever received this payment himself either direct from Maxwell Interests or though Transfer Technology Limited or its associated companies. My recollection is that in the end the Management Fee was never paid. As Managing Director of Transfer Technology Limited I would obviously be aware of such a large receipt by the company or its subsidiaries. I would also add that in the relevant period Transfer Technology Limited was subject to detailed review by independent accountants in preparation for the reverse take over of what is now TransTec Plc. Had Transfer Technology Limited received the Management Fee it would obviously have been highlighted in this process.
at Clinton House, Coleshill )[Signed Sami Ahmed]
On the 25 day of June 1999 )

Before me: — [Signed C F Christensen]

A Solicitor for Oaths

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Prepared 4 May 2001