Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report


Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

from Mr Geoffrey Robinson MP

Thank you for sending me the draft memorandum and annexes. You will appreciate that a number of the annexes are documents I have not previously seen.

It was my intention to complete my reply to these yesterday. However, this has proved quite impossible given the length and complexity both of the memorandum and of the annexes and the speculation and conclusions contained in the memorandum.

It is clear that you put my entire personal integrity and future at stake in what you write, and it is essential that I have a proper opportunity to respond.

Meanwhile I reiterate categorically that neither I nor any company I owned directly or indirectly received the cheque.

As soon as possible I shall have completed a detailed review of your report and the errors and omissions in it and what I consider to be a biased and tendentious presentation of your evidence. I am sorry to have to write in these terms, but I think a major part of the problem has been an unrealistic timetable to which we have all been working.

26 April 2001

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Prepared 4 May 2001