Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Eighth Report

Annex J

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

from Mr Robert Syms MP

Following our meeting and my letter of 26th March 2001 I have been looking through my speeches, interventions and questions to make sure that there are no other instances I have failed to declare an interest.

I have found one more occasion which was a question I tabled to the DETR (155297) on Cash Retentions in the Building Industry which was answered on the 23rd March 2001 where I omitted to tick the [R] box.

I thought it best to bring this matter to your attention and hope that you will be in no doubt that I am dealing with the complaint in a honest and open manner.

9 April 2001

Attachment:    See Hansard, 23 March 2001, col. 397W (Mr Syms).

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Prepared 9 May 2001