Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Eighth Report

Annex K


Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

from Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP


Thank you for your letter of today's date and for letting me have an advanced copy of your findings into the above complaint. As requested, I am responding prior to your deadline of 9.30 am tomorrow.

I am grateful to you for investigating these complaints so thoroughly. I note that you have found in paragraphs 29 and 39, that I did not breach the advocacy rules as set out under paragraph 58 of the Code of Conduct.

I further note that in paragraph 40, you say "I should add that in none of the three cases involving Mr Clifton-Brown do I consider that the failure to declare an interest was wilful."

I accept your findings. I am sorry that you have been put to the trouble of investigating these complaints.

2 May 2001

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Prepared 9 May 2001