Select Committee on Standards and Privileges First Report


Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mr D R Drew

I consider it is a disgraceful situation if, as reported today, any Member has been betting on the outcome of the election of the Speaker. We ordinary folk out here see our Members as having a job to do for us; not in that role to engage in activities for which their favoured positions might provide scope to make money on the side. It's but a small step to their placing wagers on the progress of other Parliamentary business!

It ought to be obvious to the dullest mind amongst them that such conduct is unethical, whether or not they would profit by it, but seemingly they actually need to be told. I presume from what I read that you yourself are presently not placed to regulate such things, so to whom is it I should make any representations?

26 October 2000

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Prepared 14 December 2000