Select Committee on Standards and Privileges First Report


Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mrs Jean Bird

I think it is an absolute outrage that Frank Roy (Labour) and others have made money on betting Michael Martin for Speaker.

To think that these men made profits of many thousands of pounds when crucial voting was needed to appoint the BEST SPEAKER for our Parliament and country; is beyond comprehension.

It is a total disgrace, dishonour, and stinks to high heaven. It is quite obvious even to a layman that these men would have voted for an alien from outer space if they had, had a bet on them.

Surely no harder evidence is needed than the open admission from Frank Roy that he had made a killing by betting on Mr Martin can be proof enough.

I think by this sort of conduct they (the gamblers) have brought the House of Commons into disrepute and made a laughing stock of the whole procedure.

1 November 2000

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Prepared 14 December 2000