Select Committee on Standards and Privileges First Report


Letter to Mr Frank Roy MP from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

I have received a complaint from Mrs Margaret McDonald alleging that you laid a bet on the election of the Speaker and made a financial gain from your position as a Member of Parliament. I attach a copy of Mrs McDonald's letter and would be grateful to receive an account of the event in question and any other comments you may wish to make. So that I may decide whether I should look into the matter. In particular please would you let me know:

1.  Whether you laid a bet on the outcome of the election of the Speaker?

2.  If so the date of the bet, the amount of the bet, the amount of the winnings and whether it was an individual bet or a syndicate.

3.  What conversations were you involved in, on what dates, to ascertain from colleagues the likely level of support for Mr Martin as a candidate for Speaker?

4.  Whether you encouraged any Member of Parliament to vote for Mr Martin and if so the names of those you encouraged and the dates in question.

5.  Whether you encouraged any Member to bet on the outcome of this election and if so the names of those concerned?

6.  Whether you are aware of any other Member who has laid a bet on the outcome of the election and if so please give their names.

7.  Any other information which you have which would allow me to gain a complete picture.

As you will have seen from the press several other individuals have indicated they will be making complaints to me concerning this issue. I have received several general complaints and have written to those complainants to ask them for details. If I received such information which refers to you, I will put it to you.

It may be you would prefer to discuss these matters with me in the first place and if so perhaps you would telephone my office.

1 November 2000

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Prepared 14 December 2000