Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 84

E-mail correspondence between Mr John Maxton MP and the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

To:The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
From:John Maxton
Date:27 July 2000 13:45
Subject:Inquiry into John Maxton MP

I wish to know whether you have completed your inquiry into my affairs. Since I have not heard from you since I answered your questions in mid June I can only assume that you have. If so why have I not been informed. I wish to make it clear that although the original unsubstantiated allegations were made against Dr Reid and myself in the same letter I consider there to be two inquiries not one and that you will submit two reports to the Committee.

I am appalled that with no evidence provided by the complainant that you have managed to continue this inquiry for over 6 months.

To:John Maxton
From:The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
Date:27 July 2000 16:01

Thank you for your e mail. One reply from a witness is still outstanding. I am in the process of compiling my report to the Committee. The Committee holds its next meeting on October 24th and I hope to report to them on that date with any further comment you wish to make. To achieve this timetable I shall have to provide the complete report to the Clerk for circulation in early October.

Having considered your submission carefully, I hope to send you my draft report in early September. I will be able to offer you two weeks for any further comment before I come to my conclusions. Perhaps you would let my office know the address to which we should send the report in the first week of September? I note your request on the format of my report.

To:The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
From:John Maxton
Date:27 July 2000 16:45

I note your comments. However I am not aware of any witness in respect of my own case from whom a reply is outstanding. You have my home address and I will be there during most of September.

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Prepared 22 December 2000