Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 87

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mr Kevin Reid

The answer to the questions you detail in the letter sent on 16 February are as follows.

1.  I started full time work for the Labour Party on 12th October 1998. Dr Reid agreed to waive the notice period and pay me until the end of that month, a procedure which the fees office confirmed to Dr Reid is a perfectly normal practice.

2.  I was employed intermittently by Dr Reid from 1st June 1989. I worked

    from 1st June 1989-31st January 1991:

    from 1st September 92-30 November 92;

    from 1st April 93-31st August 93: from 1st January 94-30th June 94.

    I worked part time during these periods and quite frankly I cannot remember the precise details. You will no doubt wish to note that, as far as I am aware, none of these periods covered an election campaign period.

    I then worked for Dr Reid during the four-year period 1st November 1994 until the 31st October 1998. Following the 1997 General Election requirements were introduced for typed, formal contracts, lodged with the fees office. My contract was dated 1st September 1997 and contracted me to work "20 hours/variable" per week.

3.  Lesley Quinn can be contacted via:

    Lesley Quinn
    General Secretary
    Scottish Labour Party

— — —

4.  During the period May 1998-October 1998 I had a part time contract (20 hours—variable) with the Fees Office and 15 hours per week with the Labour Party. Though the hours were contracted with both parties there were no set times for either. I was able to satisfy both contracts within a flexible working week. There was, therefore, no question of having to "work on the Labour Party campaign during hours ... paid from the Fees Office".

5.  As stated above, I worked full time for the Labour Party after I ceased to work from Dr Reid.

6.  You ask how many hours a day on average I worked for the Labour Party. Average daily, actual (as opposed to contracted) work, excluding breaks, for a seven day week is not easy to calculate. However, between May and October 1998 my actual daily average would have been between just under 3 hours to around just under 4 hours. (4-5 hrs Monday-Thursday, 3-4 Friday, nothing on Saturday or Sunday). This allowed me more than sufficient time to complete any other obligations. After 15 October 1998 when I went onto a full-time contract and the Party went into full election alert I would of course have worked much more than this.

I have now given a full statement in writing and furnished an answer to your questions in writing. I would appreciate if any further communication be similarly conducted in writing.

Thank you in anticipation.

2 March 2000

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