Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 116

Letter to Suzanne Hilliard from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

I wrote to you on 2 May in response to your letter of 18 April and am afraid you may not have received my letter.

As you know, I have been seeking corroborative evidence to support your account of the work you did as a parliamentary researcher during the Scottish election campaign. At our meeting on 7 April you agreed to provide me with the record of the telephone calls from your flat, as you had told me that was where you did your research, and from where you regularly telephoned Dr Reid to discuss the research work. I would be grateful to have either the telephone account records or, if these are still not available to you, the name and address of the account holder and the telephone number.

It may be that you have now collected other evidence of the work you did during the period in question and I would be glad to see any such information. It occurred to me that you would have made expense claims for the telephone calls and copies of those would be helpful, and you may have copies of documents, briefings or press notices you originated, other expense or bonus claims or other material you produced as a parliamentary researcher.

I am sorry to bother you again, but you will appreciate that I must provide any evidence which is available to support accounts of events in situations where they are disputed. I would be grateful if you would reply as soon as possible as I am afraid this outstanding item is preventing me from concluding my enquiry.

May I thank you again for your help.

15 May 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000