Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 138

E-mail correspondence between Mr Alex Rowley and the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

To:Alex Rowley
From:The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
Date:18 May 2000 12:50
Subject:Dr John Reid MP and Mr John Maxton

Mr Jonathan Upton wrote to me on 15 May 2000 saying I should put any outstanding questions to you about Labour Party finances. Please would you tell me whether there are any other documents or letters held by the Labour Party which include reference to employment conditions

 and salary arrangements for Kevin Reid, Chris Winslow or Suzanne Hilliard. Have you written, seen or been aware of any financial references for any of these people at any time? If you have such information, please would you also tell me who else has this information. Thank you for your assistance.

To:The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
From:Alex Rowley
Date:19 May 2000 08:52

Thank you for mail message of 18 May 2000. I am a bit surprised that Jonathan Upton has said any outstanding questions on finance should be directed to myself given that the overall budget for the Scottish Elections had to be agreed by Millbank before any expenditure took place in Scotland.

That said, I refer to your question about references to employment conditions and salary arrangements for Kevin Reid, Chris Winslow or Suzanne Hilliard. I do not personally have any recollection of providing any of the above. I do however know that a reference was provided for Kevin Reid in relation to him securing either a loan or a mortgage. When I was contacted by Dean Nelson about this matter, I contacted Lesley Quinn who at that point informed me of such a reference on file, which she said had been written either by myself or by Annmarie Whyte.

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Prepared 22 December 2000