Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Appendix B

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Annmarie Whyte, The Scottish Labour Party

[NOTE: See also Annex 186—repeated]

Thank you for your letter dated 19th May. Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in responding to your letter.

I was responsible for drawing up the attached budget projections with the assistance of the unit heads, Scottish General Secretary and Director of Finance. I should say that, as far as I am aware, John Reid or John Maxton did not have any input to the budget projections and that it would have been unlikely that they would have seen these documents. Document one was simply one budgeting exercise. I am sure that there were others on different bases.

Document 1—dated 28/5/98

    (i)  a  Chris Winslow did not receive £1100 per month throughout the period. This figure was put in at an early stage when it was hoped that SLP might take him on for a 33¾ hours working week. As it turned out the SLP did not do so. In the nature of a projection it was one possible way forward at the time it was produced.

    b  £13200 was not a salary figure but rather an estimate of expenditure of £12,000 & £1200 estimated employer`s contributions.

    c  same as (i)a.

    d  same as (i)b divided by 12 months.

    e  same as (i)b.

    f  Briefing notes 7 & 8 refers to SLP projected expenditure. The notes identified projected SLP expenditure on salary and employers contributions for Chris and Kevin (see answer b) had they been taken on for a 33¾ hour week. The reference to income was noting that Chris and Kevin had other sources of income from their MP employer. As the projection was in respect of expenditure I kept the two of them in the figures at £13200 each, as if the SLP was not able to employ them there was none the less a requirement for the equivalent of two persons doing the work. As it turned out Chris and Kevin were not able to join in summer 1998 on a full working basis. The Scottish Labour Party did not receive any payments from John Maxton or John Reid, nor did it regard itself as being subsidised by either MP.

Document 2—I do not know exactly when it was produced but given the increase to Kevin`s salary it must have been after he was put onto a 33¾ hour week with SLP (end of October)

    (ii)  a  I assume that the document was drawn up before Chris had his salary increased or it omitted to take account of the increase, in error.

    b  £500 per month salary plus £50 employers contribution.

    c  13 payments of £550 June to June inclusive.

    d  £330 salary plus £33 employers contributions.

    e  £16314 was not estimated salary, but of SLP estimated expenditure on Kevin i.e. New salary £18000 & 10% employers contributions divided by 12 months = £1650 per month October to June. Old salary June to September.

Document 3—8/1/99

    (iii)  a  This is not salary but estimated expenditure on old expenditure level June to October plus new expenditure level November to June.

    b  This is not salary but estimated expenditure on old expenditure level June to September plus new expenditure level October to June.

Enclosed is a copy of the letter relating to the mortgage application from Northern Rock on behalf of Kevin Reid. It shows Kevin Reid`s annual salary level as at the date of the letter. The General Secretary Alex Rowley would have approved this letter and the information contained within the letter would have been obtained from our Head Office in London.

I also enclose a copy of our Annual Report, which contains our audited accounts for 1998 & 1999.

I hope that the above information assists you with your enquiry.

21 June 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000