Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 147

File note by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

    Dr J Reid and Mr J Maxton
    18 July 2000
    Telephone conversation with Alex Rowley...

... He apologised for not having sent me the memo that accompanies the tape, he will do it next weekend. I asked him if he could recall the various conversations he had had with Dr Reid when he was in the process of being interviewed with me and one of which he had taped. He said that on the first occasion he raised the issue with Dr Reid himself, he went up to him at a Scottish Labour Party conference in a hotel and said he needed to have a word with him. Dr Reid said what about now. It was in that conversation that Dr Reid raised the issue of criminal prosecution. I checked with Mr Rowley whether it was Dr Reid who had raised that, or himself. He said it was Dr Reid.

He did have a telephone conversation with Lesley Quinn to inform her as he had undertaken to do, that he would be meeting me. Lesley Quinn said that he ought to have a conversation with Dr Reid and Dr Reid had tried to call him on a number of occasions. He cannot recall exactly whether when the telephone call took place it was initiated by Dr Reid or himself, but he said "I am pretty sure he rang me, probably at the instigation of Lesley Quinn".

It was during that conversation, that Dr Reid raised the possibility that he might not be endorsed as a candidate. Again, I checked as to who had raised that matter, and he said that was definitely Dr Reid.

The telephone call which is taped was definitely a telephone call which Dr Reid initiated himself. Mr Rowley said he believed that was clear from the tape itself. He had been in bed ill all day when Dr Reid called him.

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Prepared 22 December 2000