Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 152

Letter to Mr John Rafferty from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

I am sorry to have to trouble you again but I am afraid I need to ask you for some more precise answers to questions.

I have now received information which confirms that Kevin Reid, Chris Winslow and Susan Hilliard worked full time on the Labour Party campaign for considerable periods during which they did no work for MPs who were paying them part time from Westminster allowances.

1.  Please would you confirm this. Please state for each person over which period you believe this to be the case.

2.  When did you receive information that this was the case and from whom? Who did you report or pass this on to? Please set out exactly what you said to whom and whether you provided advice.

3.  I understand that the matter was discussed during a conference call in which you took part. Please would you confirm this, give details of what was said by whom and your reaction. Please give the date of this call.

4.  After the call to whom did you give this information?

5.  I understand that you informed Mr Dewar of this conversation. Please confirm this and give precise details of the conversation and its date. What were Mr Dewar`s instructions to you and what did you then do?

6.  Please provide me with any further details which you have about these events.

Thank you for your assistance.

20 March 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000