Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 167

Letter to Mr Paul McKinney from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Before concluding my inquiries into the complaint against Dr Reid and Mr Maxton, I am seeking to tie up one or two loose ends which still remain.

In another witness`s account of a conversation with you, you are recorded as claiming to have heard Dr Reid say in April 1998: "You can have my boy and I will pay for him" and also: "My boy`s not doing anything, he can come in and I will find a way of paying for him".

In your meeting with me on 22 March, you repeated the substance of the first part of Dr Reid`s alleged offer of his son`s services to the Labour Party, but not the second (ie relating to the source of funding for Kevin Reid).

Bearing in mind the importance to the validity of the complaint of the precise nature of any payments to Kevin Reid during the period in question, can I ask you to confirm whether these two statements attributed to you are correct? If the comment about payment is not correct, I would be grateful if you could offer any explanation as to why any witness should claim to have heard you say the words in question.

May I have a reply by 9 May, please? You are welcome to provide the reply by telephone if you prefer.

2 May 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000