Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 173

Letter to Mr William Sullivan from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Before concluding my inquiries into the complaint against Dr Reid and Mr Maxton, I am seeking to tie up one or two loose ends which still remain.

In his account of his conversation with you, Mr Nelson claims you told him you heard Suzanne Hilliard say that, whilst working as a volunteer for the Labour Party, she was "getting Maxton`s money". You did not, however, use those specific words in your meeting with me on 10 April. Bearing in mind that Ms Hilliard was not formally employed by Mr Maxton until 1 June 1999, could you please confirm whether or not you heard Suzanne Hilliard use those words? If not, could you offer any explanation as to why Mr Nelson might have formed an erroneous impression on this point?

May I have a reply by 9 May, please?

PS. Please telephone me if that would be easier for you.

2 May 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000