Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Appendix A

Copy of letter to Kevin Reid from Sylvia Clovey, Personnel Officer, The Labour Party

We would like to offer you a part-time position of Media Assistant based at the Scottish Labour Party, Glasgow, commencing on 26 May 1998 and terminating on 30 June 1999. You will be required to work 15 hours per week, the days and hours to be agreed with your line manager.

The salary for the post is £4,000 per annum which will be paid monthly by credit transfer direct to your bank account. Salaries are paid on 6th of each month; therefore we would require your bank details and P.45 (if available) as soon as possible. As you commenced work on 26th May, any arrears will be incorporated in your July salary.

You will be entitled to holiday pay at 2 and 1/12 days for each complete month of service during the first calendar year (rounded to the nearest half day), thereafter 25 days annual holiday, in additional to any public holiday entitlement.

For your information, I enclose a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement (under review) which contains the main terms and conditions under which you will be employed. Also enclosed for your signature are a Confidentiality Agreement and some background information about the party.

Unfortunately, it is the policy of the Superannuation Society that staff employed on a contract for two years or less are not eligible to participate in the pension fund. You would therefore need to make alternative arrangements to cover any pension requirements during this period of employment.

As a condition of this offer, you are required to agree, by signing the enclosed copy of this letter to confirm your acceptance of the offer, that upon expiry of the term of this contract you have excluded any claim in respect of unfair dismissal and any rights to a redundancy payment.

I hereby accept the offer of a fixed-term contract as set out above, including the waiver of rights to claims in respect of unfair dismissal and redundancy pay on expiry of this contract.

Signed [Kevin Reid]

Date 14/7/98

19 June 1998

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Prepared 22 December 2000