Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Further letter to Mr Andrew Walker, Director of Finance and Administration, House of Commons, from the Registrar of Members` Interests

Further to our meeting last Wednesday and my letter to you of 11 May, I now enclose some additional material about the Scottish Labour Party (SLP) budget projections which has, been supplied by Mr Alex Rowley, the former General Secretary of the SLP.

The new information of particular interest is on page 2 of the Briefing Note, numbers 7 and 8 (which refer to items 7 and 8 in the budget projection). These appear to suggest some sort of linkage between the SLP`s salary projections for Mr Reid and Mr Winslow and what they were assumed to be receiving from the Fees Office.

The numbered references in Mr Rowley`s note of 15 May to Elizabeth Filkin relate to her letter to Mr Rowley of 4 May (copy attached). You will see that several of the questions in that letter (which we also discussed last week) now appear to have been answered by Mr Rowley.

We have written both to Alex Rowley and Jonathan Upton at Millbank asking for details about comparable salary rates and the question of the bonus scheme. I will let you have that further information as soon as we get it.

16 May 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000