Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report


On some of the specifics, you may find the following questions and comments of interest.

Bonus Payments. There is no indication how long these were paid for. If they were paid prior to October 1998 when Reid and Winslow were only working for 15 hours per week for the Scottish Labour Party and 20 hours per week for Reid and Maxton respectively, then they would still only be working 60 hour weeks—quite reasonable in an election campaign. If they were paid after October 1998, then there is not an issue so far as Reid was concerned as he had ceased to be paid by Dr Reid by then.

Where in the budget is the "constant" pool of £8,000 for bonuses referred to in Jonathan Upton`s letter of 19 April? If we could find it, we might know when the bonuses were paid.

Equal Pay. Putting Reid and Winslow on to broadly equal pay appears to have been the policy adopted from November 1998 by Alex Rowley. But this does not in itself imply a cross-subsidy. Indeed, Rowley says in his e-mail of 20 April that it was his decision to level up Winslow`s pay in the interests of fairness.

Later in the same e-mail, Rowley says that Anne-Marie Whyte told him of an "equal pay" policy, but not the period it relates to. Again, even if it relates to earlier in the year, it does not necessarily imply a cross-subsidy—only that the SLP, for its own purposes, wanted to see them treated broadly equally.

Appendix C—Labour Party budget agreement—13 August 1998. Para 5—can it be established how it was agreed that MPs and MEP`s would provide assistance—presumably cash donations, as this is shown in a separate cash line in the January 1999 budget (which in any event does not alter in line with the alleged cross-subsidy?

Final accounts. Can final accounts be obtained, on the assumption there are some?

Scottish Labour Party election expenditure—briefing note (undated, but assumed to be May/June 1998). Some points:

  • The briefing note makes it clear that the SLP knew from the outset that Winslow and Reid were employed by Maxton and Dr Reid respectively, but it is not clear whey their salaries were mentioned. The figures for their pay from those sources is roughly correct.
  • It is curious, if the SLP believed that Reid and Winslow were being subsidised from the OCA, that they did not set it off against the salary allowance in the budget.
  • The notes were apparently compiled by Annmarie Whyte, who may be able to shed more light on the issues.

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Prepared 22 December 2000