Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report


Statement of Jonathan Upton taken by D Sandison on 9 October 2000

Regarding the Parliamentary investigation of Miss Filkin, there was further correspondence from the Commissioner to which I responded, between 29 August and 2 October 2000. I enclose copies of the letters.

Regarding the arrangements relating to the Labour Party`s employment of Kevin. I was aware in 1998 that Kevin was working on a party time Parliamentary salary for his father and on a part time salary for the Labour Party. This arrangement lasted until October. I had no involvement in the work he was doing and I do not remember contacting Kevin at all during that period and I was not in touch with his father either. In October 1998 more resources were required for the forthcoming elections in Scotland. This resulted in Kevin being taken on as a full time Labour member of staff and I have produced for the Commissioner documentation relating to Kevin`s employment at that time. I had no involvement with the employment of Miss Hilliard as she was working for Dr Reid.

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Prepared 22 December 2000