Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report


File note by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

John Rafferty
6 April 2000
Telephone conversation with John Rafferty

I telephoned John Rafferty to follow up our taped interview because I was still unclear about some of the matters when I came to look at the transcript. During the conversation John Rafferty told me "that as far as I am concerned, Chris Winslow and Kevin Reid worked full time for the Labour Party. I believe it would have to be the case that for some of that time their salaries were being paid from Westminster allowances. When Chris Winslow told me of his serious concerns about the employment arrangements alarm bells started to ring it seemed to me that it possibly was the case that Westminster salaries had been used to carry out campaign work. I was sufficiently concerned about what he had reported to me to have a lengthy conversation with Donald Dewar and report it to him. I was in no doubt and I was left with the distinct impression that there may have been a serious problem from the way in which Chris Winslow raised the issue." The clear implication when he spoke to me was that while he had been working on the campaign Kevin Reid had been employed on a Westminster allowance by his father and he had been employed on a Westminster allowance by John Maxton. I did not have the detailed facts but I was lead to believe by these conversations that there had been misuse of Westminster allowances, and that some time at least had overlapped when they had been paid by Westminster yet working on the Labour Party campaign.

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Prepared 22 December 2000