Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 23

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from the Rt Hon Dr John Reid MP

Thank you for your letter of 19th June, the additional information and the enclosed file note of 6th April. Unfortunately the observations noted do not appear in any context. I shall try to make sense of the note with the use of the material from 18th April which you say covers the same points.

Your letter does not respond to my request in the penultimate paragraph of my letter of 15th June. Is this intentional?

To help me develop my response to you as matters presently stand it would assist me if you could set out briefly how you see the case against me. As presumably the continuation of the investigation means you consider there is a case to answer a clear statement of what that case is would assist. I ask this as there seems to be a suggestion that because some people have said that Kevin and/or Suzanne appeared to be working full-time in some undefined way for the Labour Party it was allegedly impossible for them to carry out work for me. This varies from Mr Nelson`s complaint.

It is also difficult to see how I am to rebut this if Kevin and Suzanne`s statements are not accepted by you. Continuation of the investigation does seem to imply that you are not prepared to accept their statement.

Further, am I to presume that you regard Mr Rafferty`s views of Mr Winslow`s alleged statement as highly relevant? I ask this as he has been interviewed it seems at least four times.

You will note that I am still concerned that I am not being given the full picture of what is being said about me and by whom.

20 June 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000