Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 27

Response of the Rt Hon Dr John Reid MP to Complaint received from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards dated 27 January 2000 and Questions put to Dr Reid by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards dated 19 May 2000


    The Complaint involving Suzanne Hilliard
    The Complaint involving Kevin Reid
    Creditability and Reliability
    Dr Reid`s February statement as annotated


1.    This response requires to be read together with the statement by Dr Reid and enclosures provided to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards (PCS) dated 14 February 2000. Before the various questions that are put to Dr Reid are considered an analysis of the materials provided to Dr Reid by the PCS is submitted. This is primarily an analysis directed to the complaint concerning Suzanne Hilliard and Kevin Reid and the accusation that Dr Reid wilfully misused his parliamentary allowances in connection with these individuals. Without such an analysis Dr Reid`s answers to the PCS`s questions are without context.

2.    The analysis reveals not only that the complaint cannot be established on the basis of the materials produced but also that the complaint relies on a series of baseless speculations that distorts the reality of Dr Reid`s employment of Suzanne Hilliard and Kevin Reid.

3.    The analysis proceeds to consider the accusation made against Dr Reid firstly in respect of Suzanne Hilliard and secondly in respect of his son Kevin Reid. It demonstrates in both cases that the material provided by the PCS to Dr Reid establishes no case to answer of misuse of parliamentary allowances.

4.    Thereafter there is provided a statement of answers to the PCS`s questions of 19 May 2000.

5.    There is finally an annotated copy of Dr Reid`s statement provided by letter dated 14 February 2000 together with a file of referenced materials.

6.    The whole materials constitute Dr Reid`s response to the PCS`s questions of 19 May 2000.

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Prepared 22 December 2000