Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 27

Response of the Rt Hon Dr John Reid MP to Complaint received from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards dated 27 January 2000 and Questions put to Dr Reid by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards dated 19 May 2000


The PCS may consider in assessing the creditability and reliability of the complainer and the four persons whose interviews may conflict with Dr Reid`s denial of the complaint the following questions:

1.  Has Mr Nelson been involved in pursuing Dr Reid and Kevin Reid in other matters and if so with what result?

2.  Does Mr Nelson accept the Inquiry into Children`s Homes in South Wales made criticism of certain accusations he made in connection with lack of evidence? (Material sent to PCS)

3.  Does Mr Rowley regard Dr Reid as in part responsible for his departure from the position of General Secretary of the Scottish Labour Party?

4.  Has Mr Rafferty criticised or evinced ill will towards Dr Reid? What accounts for the change of position by Mr Rafferty on 6 April 2000?

5.  What were the circumstances of Mr Rafferty leaving his position with the First Minster of the Scottish Parliament? Were issues of veracity involved?

6.  Why does Mr McKinney according at least to the material provided by Mr Nelson display personal animosity towards Dr Reid?

7.  What were the circumstances of Mr McKinney abruptly leaving his employment with the Scottish Labour Party?

8.  What were the circumstances of Mr Sullivan leaving his employment with the Scottish Labour Party? What is Mr Sullivan`s relationship to Mr Rowley?

9.  Do any of the foregoing questions suggest any impact on the reported "loyalties" of Messrs Rowley, Rafferty or Sullivan?

10.  How is that although some 70 people worked at Delta House during the Scottish election campaign the witnesses identified as in conflict with Dr Reid`s position came to be selected?

11.  Has the PCS considered the possibility of editing of the transcript or tape recordings by Mr Nelson? (See note of exchange with Mr Ponsonby in the Annex).

(See Annex[96])

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Prepared 22 December 2000