Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 29A

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from the Rt Hon Dr John Reid MP

I refer to your letter of the 1st August enclosing Mr Rowley`s e-mail dated as being sent to your office on 4th July 2000. Mr Rowley offers to make the tape available. I request that I be given the opportunity of hearing and examining the original tape. I trust this request is acceptable.

As to the documents provided these appear to bear out my expressed view that I did not threaten Mr Rowley. I take it that there are no other materials in the possession of your office. May I take it that you are now in a position to reject the allegation? If that is not the case would you please explain what is the basis of the allegation and what are the details of the alleged threat? I requested full details in my answer 27 in my submission dated 6 July 2000.

It does not appear to me that anything I am noted as saying conflicts significantly with my statements and submission. In particular, you will note that the terms of the conversation fit with my expressed views in answer 29. You made the point that you would only supply me with material that was in conflict with my stated position. Please confirm that the documents do not conflict significantly with my position. If however you consider that there is a significant conflict would you please identify where that is to be found?

You will recollect that you first requested that I not speak to participants in the investigation on 19th May 2000. I assume Mr Rowley`s documents relate to a conversation in March 2000, i.e. prior to your letter of 19th May 2000. You will note certain features of Mr Rowley`s notes. Firstly, he instigated the contact. Most significantly, having instigated the contact Mr Rowley surreptitiously tape-recorded the conversation. No doubt you will have enquired as to who suggested he do this and what his purpose was in so doing.

I must say I am surprised Mr Rowley set up tape-recording equipment and then contacted me. If you have received an answer as to why he did this it would be helpful for me to know what was his motivation. I am presently reconsidering my view of Mr Rowley`s attitude to me.

Please note that I shall be overseas on holiday from 6th August 2000.

5 August 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000