Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 52

Letter to Mr John Maxton MP from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Thank you for your letter of 6 April which must have crossed with mine to you.

I am sorry to tell you that I have not concluded my enquiries because an interview has had to be postponed because of illness and some material which I require is still outstanding.

I am therefore writing to you to ask you if your request still stands to see, before we meet, any information which is at variance with that which you have given me.

I would be keen to go ahead with our meeting on Monday 17 April at 17.00 hours so that I may clarify my understanding of your statement to ensure my report is accurate. I would then arrange a further meeting with you as soon as I have all the information to hand, so that I may put to you any of it which is at variance with the information you have provided. As I informed you some time ago, I listened to the tapes in Mr Nelson`s possession. Part of my enquiry has been to try to establish whether they in any way constitute a valid record.

Perhaps you would let me know whether you are happy to proceed with the meeting on Monday 17 April on this basis.

PS. This is the letter I mentioned to you during our telephone conversation on 10th April.

11 April 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000