Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 62

Letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards from Mr John Maxton MP

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 4 May.

It is not sufficient for you to state that you had sufficient evidence to make enquiries when you clearly had nothing but Dean Nelson`s letter and unrecorded telephone conversations with him. Neither is evidence, as any normal person and would understand.

You refuse to answer my allegation that you collected information contrary to Clause 67 of the Code of Conduct. You also fail to respond to my claim that you misled me when you implied that you had heard Dean Nelson`s tapes before instituting your inquiry on January 27th. If, as I believe you deliberately misled a Member of Parliament in this way, then it is a very serious matter.

On January 27th you stated that you would wait a response from me before deciding whether to take the matter further. This you did not do. I ask you again. Why not?

However the disputes between us are such that only the Committee on Standards and Privileges can made a judgement. I shall act accordingly.

17 May 2000

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Prepared 22 December 2000