Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Second Report

Annex 66

E-mail correspondence between the Mr John Maxton MP and the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

To:The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
From:John Maxton
Date:25 May 2000 13:00
Subject:Nelson`s unsubstantiated complaint


1. Will you confirm that nothing in Paul McKinney's testimony relates to me and if this is the case why did you include his testament and the supposed transcript of his conversation with Dean Nelson?

2. Why have you sent only partial transcripts of the three witnesses and not all of them?

3. Why is the third interview with John Rafferty in note form and not a verbatim transcript.

Lastly I ask that, you provide me with the list of others you interviewed, including dates and places as I requested sometime ago. I also believe as a Member of Parliament that I am entitled to see transcripts of all the witnesses you interviewed. I assume you do not wish to show me those that confirm my story. Perhaps you could tell me why?

To:  John Maxton

From:  The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Date:  25 May 2000 16:18

Subject:  Complaint by Dean Nelson

Thank you for your message of 25 May 2000. To turn to your questions.

1. You are the only person who can confirm that nothing in the record of Mr McKinney`s conversation with me relates to you. For example, I do not have the details of those involved in the meetings mentioned in paragraph 3 of Mr McKinney`s evidence.

2. I am not clear which 3 records you believe are partial. I have sent you the whole record of my conversations with each of the people listed at (ii) and (iii) in my letter. Three of those meetings were recorded in writing rather than on tape.

3. I do not tape every interview I undertake. Where I make a written record of an interview I ask the person interviewed to check that my record is correct. This is what I did in this instance.

As you are aware, I do not give a Member the names of those from whom I am seeking information during the investigation process. I can assure you that I have sent you all the evidence I have collected which might be at variance with your initial response. As I have said, if any other such information is forthcoming I will put it to you before I come to any conclusion on these matters.

I look forward to receiving your response.

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Prepared 22 December 2000